Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer is here!

And I'm still around, LOL!  It's been ages since I posted, I know.  What can I say, I've been busy.  And my SD card fried so I couldn't take photos.  Eh, let's go with that last one.  We have been busy but so much of it has been doing things that aren't really worth blogging about.  But I did a tour of the house and found a few things worth mentioning.

Since my last post, I chaperoned a Disney World trip and was reminded why I NEVER go to Florida.  I vacation as far north as possible.  If I wanted heat and humidity I would stay in Tennessee.  But......this...

these smiles made it all worth while.  And those kids smiled like that for 4 days.  I would not have missed that for the world.

We had the pleasure of seeing a friend's daughter get married.

Yes, she really did look like a princess.
 My son tested and earned his black belt in TaeKwanDo.  I cannot express how insanely proud of him I am.

First degree black belt at 14.

Got daughter packed up and sent off to Colorado for her summer internship at Creede Repertory Theatre.

The box office staff dressed up for Annie Get Your Gun.
I finished a cowl for my daughter.

I thought the pattern looked very Downton Abbey-ish and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.
I finished one side of the front porch.

And I managed to stucco the raised bed on the other side.

When we were at Disney, my son found the perfect Father's Day present.  Gnome Mickey!  He fits in perfectly with Gnome Elvis and Gnome Bob, LOL!

There's more but I am doing laundry and getting ready for a road trip to Colorado!  Just my son and I are driving out there.  Husband is meeting us there (he gets to fly).  Since it is a really long trip anyway we will be taking Sandie's scenic route which includes stops at all of the unusual, fun, and downright bizarre attractions we can find.  Yes, there will be photos! (New SD card!)

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  1. HI Sandie, great to see this post. You have been busy with some wonderful things; the photos are just great :-) I love the cowl you made for T; I agree, very Downtown Abbey-ish! Hope you have a wonderful time in Colorado - enjoy your scenic route! (PS Has the Lilac gone from your front garden?

    1. No, the lilac isn't gone, it's just significantly smaller. I've discovered that I should drink wine AFTER I do the pruning, not before, ROFL!